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Compliance has become a major concern for companies and is a key economic issue given the risks of sanctions, damages and to a company’s reputation.

Our law firm assists you in your compliance program, in France and abroad.

Compliance has become a major concern for companies and is now considered one of the indicators of good governance. Over the years, companies have had to comply with expanding regulations in many areas: competition, environmental law, labor law, tax law, the protection of personal data, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and prevention of terrorism financing...

Compliance is also a key economic issue considering the risks of sanctions, damages and the risks to a company’s reputation, all the while the implementation of a compliance program has become increasingly complex. The stakes are even greater for groups with companies operating in several countries with often divergent legal cultures. Compliance is therefore not only synonymous with compliance with the law and with the new requirements laid down by the Sapin 2 law, but more broadly concerns business ethics and the behavior of economic actors.

Our experience in supporting companies in governance matters allows us to ensure that the implementation and monitoring of compliance programs takes into account a host of complex regulatory constraints.

Within CMS, a compliance working group has been set up in order to share expertise and experiences globally and to best meet the needs of clients.

For any questions, please contact your partner, or Véronique Bruneau-Bayard

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