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Public Procurement Lawyers

In a constantly growing field, which represents around 20% of the GDP of EU Member States on average, the evolving legal framework for public procurement, with the transposition of European directives on public procurement and concession contracts, is a key renewal factor.

Whether you are a French or foreign construction company or operator, working in any economic field, whether you are a financial institution or public sector entity, we can advise and defend you in all aspects of public procurement.

Our team will offer you pragmatic and insightful guidance for any legal or tax issues that may arise in your public procurement contracts.

With 5 lawyers, including 1 partner, we can assist you in your submissions to tender procedures launched by public or parapublic entities and, if necessary, in your legal cases before administrative or ordinary courts. Whether you are a public sector or private buyer, we can support you in establishing the contractual structure that best meets your needs and constraints, and in the setting up of your tender procedures. We also carry out contractual due diligence within the framework of proposed sales or acquisitions of public sector partner companies. We can guide you throughout the life of public procurement projects, from signature to delivery, including the prevention and management of potential disputes before national or arbitration courts as required.

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Picture of Francois Tenailleau
François Tenailleau
France, Neuilly-sur-Seine
François Tenailleau is a partner in the Public Law Department where he leads the Infrastructure practice. He practices public business law, with a particular focus on the following areas: public contracts...
Picture of Kawthar Ben Khelil
Kawthar Ben Khelil
France, Neuilly-sur-Seine
Kawthar Ben Khelil joined the Public law / Infrastructure Department of CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats in 2008.She is active in public business law and in particular in the following areas: public contracts...
Molkhou Maxime
Maxime Molkhou
France, Neuilly-sur-Seine
Maxime Molkhou is an expert in public projects, in the infrastructure, transportation, energy and mining sectors, mainly in Francophone Africa.In this respect, he assists both public and private clients...
	Santini Jean-Baptiste
Jean-Baptiste Santini
France, Neuilly-sur-Seine
Jean-Baptiste Santini joined CMS Francis Lefebvre in 2019, as a Junior Associate in the Africa team.Jean-Baptiste focuses his practice in public projects, mainly in francophone Africa, in infrastructure,...
Descoutures Clémence
Clemence Descoutures
France, Neuilly-sur-Seine
Clémence Descoutures focused her practice on Projects, mainly in francophone Africa, in infrastructure, transportation, energy and mining sectors. She assists both public and private clients as part...
Brière de la Hosseraye Augustin
Augustin Briere de la Hosseraye
France, Neuilly-sur-Seine
Augustin joined CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats in 2018.He is active in public business law and in particular in the following areas: public procurement contracts, concessions, public domain, public subsidies,...