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Transport and Logistics


In addition to maritime business, our services cover all other modes of transport (road, rail, air, inland waterways), plus warehousing and logistics. We advise freight forwarders, logistics companies and their customers, as well as insurers and financiers, in relation to their day-to-day business and on drafting and negotiating complex logistics contracts.

We handle numerous outsourcing projects and together with colleagues specialising in the relevant areas of law provide advice on all legal issues involved, e.g. employment law, tax, customs matters, international trade and real estate law.

We support our clients in relation to the following and other areas:

  • Transport and logistics contracts
  • Logistics outsourcing
  • Tax and customs
  • International trade law (including embargos)
  • Day-to-day business (e.g. liens, conditions for the delivery of goods, letters of indemnity)

We provide support on all legal issues

In the event of a dispute, we handle cases before state courts and in domestic and international arbitration proceedings. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with cases involving multiple international jurisdictions, where we advise and represent our clients in close cooperation with specialists from our well-established international network.

The transport and logistics-related disputes on which we advise relate to matters such as:

  • Cargo claims
  • Cancellation claims
  • Temporary injunction proceedings, enforcement and arrest
  • Tax and customs litigation
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