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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Fraud & Corporate Criminal Defence Lawyers

CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni has a deep experience in assisting clients in complex business matters, facing an ever-evolving body of law and regulations, in an increasingly composite environment of new legislation and regulatory regime. We have a strong business crime capability which covers both the defence in relation to criminal prosecutions or investigations and compliance advice. We assist both corporations and individuals (corporate officers, directors and employees) in criminal proceedings and investigations arising from a full range of crimes as briberies and corruptions, money laundering, tax offences, environmental and safety offences, insider trading and market manipulation, and, in general, crimes in the economic, industrial and commercial fields. We also assist our clients in civil litigation involving allegations of criminal misconduct or other types of malfeasance. We have specific competence to assist and represent Italian and foreign companies in matters related on the liability of companies for crimes committed by their representatives and employees, introduced in Italy by Decree 231/01, and advising clients about corporate compliance strategies. We conduct internal investigations for corporations that have discovered suspected misconduct by their employees, involving acts that directly victimize the company or give rise to potential civil or criminal liability (corporate liability, provided by Italian Decree 231/01, antitrust or environmental crimes, etc.). Thanks to the vast expertise of our professionals, we provide assistance in developing and implementing of corporate compliance programs, for preventing employee negligence and misconduct that directly victimizes the corporation or gives rise to civil or criminal liability. We are experts in defending clients in regulatory proceedings brought by State and authorities, such as Consob or Anti-Trust authority.

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Picture of Emilio Battaglia
Emilio Battaglia
Italy, Rome
Emilio Battaglia is head of the Fraud and Corporate Criminal Defence Department at CMS. He joined the firm as Partner in 2010.Emilio Battaglia has long-standing experience regarding criminal matters in...
Picture of Davide Marchetta
Davide Marchetta
Italy, Rome
Davide Marchetta joined CMS in 2009 and is Counsel of the Firm in the Fraud & Corporate Criminal Defence department. He also cooperates with the Firm’s Litigation department.His areas of specialization...
Picture of Isabella Fortunato
Isabella Fortunato
Seni­or As­so­ci­ate
Italy, Rome
Isabella Fortunato began her collaboration with the Firm in 2010 in the Fraud and Corporate Criminal Defense department.Her work in the Rome office focuses on consulting in the area of corporate criminal...
Picture of Marco Tullio Cataldo
Marco Tullio Cataldo
Seni­or As­so­ci­ate
Italy, Rome
Picture of Marisa Pellegrino
Marisa Pellegrino
Italy, Rome
Marisa Pellegrino started her collaboration with the Firm in 2015 in Fraud and Corporate Criminal Defense Department.Her work focuses on criminal law, with special emphasis on white collar crimes. In...
Picture of Federico Salinari
Federico Salinari
Italy, Rome
Federico Salinari began his collaboration with the Firm in 2014 in the Fraud and Corporate Criminal Defense department.His activities in the Rome office primarily concern criminal litigation and legal...