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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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EU Lawyers

European law significantly influences national law. Needless to say that it often has direct effects, it can be invoked before national courts and last but not least,  has precedence over national law. Therefore, a company cannot be unaware of European law dispositions,  making use of these provisions to challenge the validity a national regulations. Our practice areasFree movement of goodsFree movement of people and workersFreedom of establishment and free movement of servicesFree movement of capitalEnforcing “derived” European law (regulations, directives and decisions)Our approachThe law firm provides, inter alia,  the following services: Legal advice, opinions and assistanceLegal assistance in the European Union working languagesLegal assistance and representation before national jurisdictions (enforcement of European Union law, issues prejudicial to the European Union jurisdiction) and the European Institutions (European Commission, General Court, European Court of Justice)

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Picture of Marco Iannacci
Marco Iannacci
Italy, Rome
Marco Iannacci began his collaboration with the firm in 2000 and is currently co-head of the Administrative law team in the quality of Counsel.  He assists the firm with its national and international...
Tiziana Masone
Italy, Rome
Tiziana Masone began her collaboration with the firm in 2013 as Associate. She is a member of the Administrative and Public Law Department. Her experience focuses on the field of administrative law,...