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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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International Tax Planning Lawyers

Our tax team has acquired a significant experience in advising in relation to the income deriving from international transactions including the activity carried by Italian companies wishing to expand their activities abroad and foreign investors looking into investing in Italy.  Our team of experts is constantly involved in assisting on all fiscal related issues and for the planning of convenient  and long lasting investment schemes and more generally suggest the best way forward in order to minimize the tax burden.  Our assistance also involves the evaluation of the taxable income, the definition of international  dividends, interests and royalties on cost sharing agreements, on CFC regulations, on tax avoidance rules and on hybrid financial structures in order to be able to assist any client requirement. In addition to this, our transfer pricing experience is far reaching.

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Picture of Federico Raffaelli
Federico Raffaelli
Italy, Rome
Federico Raffaelli joined the firm in 1997 and became Partner in 2008.He is an expert in national and international tax law and assists blue-chip national and international companies in the property,...
Picture of Fabrizio Alimandi
Fabrizio Alimandi
Italy, Milan
Fabrizio Alimandi began his collaboration with the Firm in 2007. Working in the Rome office, he provides consulting in relation to Italian direct taxes (IRES/IRAP) and indirect taxes (VAT), international...
Picture of Giovanni Battista Cali
Giovanni Cali
Italy, Rome
Giovanni B. Calì is a partner in the Rome office and is a member of the Tax department. In 1994 he was appointed as partner.He mainly carries out consultancy in the field of tax and corporate affairs. His...
Picture of Simona Valsecchi
Simona Valsecchi
Of Coun­sel
Italy, Milan
Simona joined CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni in 2007.She is a tax specialist for merger and acquisition transactions. She has a wide and diversified experience covering international tax as well...
Mario Martinelli
Mario Martinelli
Italy, Rome
Mario Martinelli began his collaboration with the Firm in 2019 as Partner in the tax department.He focuses his practice on advising medium and large companies, both Italian and non-Italian resident, on...