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Corporate law in the Principality of Monaco is relatively flexible compared to neighbouring countries. There is very little legislation on corporate law, which leaves significant scope for freedom of contract between parties operating in Monaco.

Under Monaco law, business can be done in one's own name or as a corporate entity and the Principality has four types of commercial companies, each with their own specific characteristics. These are general partnership (société en nom collectif), limited partnership (société en commandite), private limited company (société à responsabilité limitée) and limited company (société anonyme).

While there is much freedom of contract, doing business in Monaco does entail some obligations and official authorisation is mandatory prior to setting up a company in Monaco for the purposes of doing business. Any natural person representing a legal entity or doing business in their own name must also obtain official authorisation to do so.

Mergers and acquisitions are legally recognised and authorised under Monaco law but are not highly regulated either, which is why our experienced team of specialists is on hand to guide investors and residents in Monaco or overseas through any issues relating to corporate law or the merger or acquisition of Monegasque companies.

We can assist with all types of corporate transactions ranging from the sell-off or acquisition of assets or companies, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and joint ventures to corporate financing transactions like a capital increase with the issuance of new shares or a capital reduction.

We also help with the formalities that must be completed with relevant local authorities to obtain any necessary administrative authorisations and ensure that your transactions comply with statutory requirements.

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    We support clients seeking to restructure their business in various ways.

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    Sale acquisition of assets and companies

    If your company is seeking to sell or acquire a company or assets, our team of specialists can help.

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