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Data protection Monégasque lawyers

Personal data is a core issue for all businesses today. All companies are subject to Law No. 1.165 on personal data protection.

We have a team of specialists in personal data protection with particular experience in:

  • Auditing and advising clients on their personal data management procedures, especially for securing the data and extracted information, sending data abroad, selling data, people’s rights to their own data and the obligations incumbent on data managers;
  • Legal formalities required by the Commission de Contrôle des Informations Nominatives to ensure that your personal data management procedures comply with Monaco’s laws and regulations;
  • Drafting the mandatory clauses that must appear on documents you address to the general public, your employees or the people you do business with;
  • Assistance when individuals invoke their rights to their personal data;
  • Assisting data managers or their representatives if there is an investigation by the Commission de Contrôle des Informations Nominatives or a judicial investigation;
  • Handling any personal data protection disputes.

Our teams have all the necessary technical skills and experience and we liaise regularly with the Commission de Contrôle des Informations Nominatives, which is the governing authority for these matters in Monaco.

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