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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Corporate Real Estate Lawyers

Our Corporate Real Estate group was created in response to changes in real estate transaction and portfolio structures, in which property and corporate matters are becoming increasingly interwoven. The group is primarily focused on portfolio deals, whether structured as a transfer of assets, of shares in property companies or a combination of both, and on advising on the establishment and operation of real estate funds. We use an integrated approach, with tax advisors, civil-law notaries and lawyers from different practices working closely together, ensuring that our clients receive total solutions through a single point of contact. We act for a wide range of clients, including real estate investors, property managers, fund originators and managers, developers and banks.

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Saskia van Wakeren
Notary's clerk
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Saskia van Wakeren is a paralegal and has worked for more than 10 years in the notarial practice. She has vast experience in implementing deal structures for corporate, finance and real estate transactions....
Picture of Marjolein Pesch
Marjolein Pesch
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Marjolein Pesch has worked as a lawyer since 1989 and has an extensive legal background. She specializes in contract law, often at the point where private and public law intersect, property law,...
Picture of Jan Peter IJspeert
Jan Peter IJspeert
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Jan Peter IJspeert is an lawyer in our Real Estate & Construction Practice Group. He specializes in project development and corporate real estate.Jan Peter advises nationally and internationally operating...
Picture of Etienne Cox
Etienne Cox
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Etienne has specialised in the tax issues related to real estate and financial transactions. He advises real estate developers and investors on the fiscal optimization of real estate deals, construction...
Lars Benders
Deputy civil law notary
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Lars Benders is a candidate civil law notary in the Real Estate & Construction Practice Group. He is primarily involved in commercial real estate and project development.Lars has been with CMS since...
Picture of Larissa Verzijden
Larissa Verzijden
Deputy civil law notary
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Larissa Verzijden is a candidate civil-law notary in the Real Estate & Construction Practice group of our firm.Larissa has been with CMS since 2014.   
Jaap Loman
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Jaap Loman is a lawyer in the Real Estate & Construction Practice Group. He is engaged in providing advice and acting on behalf of clients in litigation conceming project development, rental law and construction...
Picture of Petra de Rooy
Petra de Rooy
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Petra de Rooy is a lawyer part of the Real Estate & Construction Practice group of our firm.Petra is a specialist in real estate law, with an emphasis on transactions, lease law and project development/construction...
Picture of Jasper Kampherbeek
Jasper Kampherbeek
Assigned Civil Law Notary
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Jasper Kampherbeek is an assigned civil law notary in our Real Estate & Construction Practice Group. He specialises in property transactions and property development. He advises property developers,...
Jan Joris van Kampen
Deputy civil law notary
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Jan Joris van Kampen is a deputy civil law notary in the Real Estate & Construction Practice Group.He specialises in real estate transactions and real estate finance. Jan Joris advises on acquistions...