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If you engage in business activities in the Netherlands or in other EU member states, you will probably have to pay VAT on your turnover. But even if you do not have a VAT-registered business, you will be confronted with it in some way or other. In that case, VAT paid on your purchases is a cost item. Today more than 130 countries have VAT or a similar levy. In this age of globalization you will increasingly be confronted with VAT legislation, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere.  

Regulations in the area of VAT have become extremely complicated over the years. Each sector has its own VAT problems. This demands specialist knowledge that the VAT specialists at CMS possess. Whether it concerns VAT matters relating to property transactions, international trade and services or not-for-profit organizations, we will be pleased to use our specific knowledge and experience to optimize your VAT position.

Our VAT specialists work closely with lawyers and civil-law notaries at CMS and in the international CMS organization. They will assist and advise you on how to minimize the consequences of charging VAT with your transactions and on optimizing your tax position. In discussions or proceedings with the tax authorities, the aim will always be to achieve the best result for your organization. In addition, our VAT specialists can organize practical VAT training courses for your personnel and analyse your organization to see where savings can be made and/or where tax risks may exist. They will also be pleased to assist you by taking care of applications for VAT refunds.

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March 2019
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March 2019
Tax­a­tion of the di­git­al eco­nomy