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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Banking & Finance Lawyers

As a participant in the global banking and finance industry, you are faced with increasing financial, regulatory and political pressures. New rules on capital requirements, risk profile and investor protection pose challenges for your organisation. We have unmatched geographical coverage and more internationally qualified banking and finance partners on the ground in CEE than any other law firm. We are your first port of call whether you are planning a cross-border transaction with a multi-jurisdictional security package or loan portfolio or implementing a first-of-a-kind financing structure in your domestic market.

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Picture of Peter Simo
Peter Šimo
Man­aging Part­ner
Slovakia, Bratislava
Peter Šimo is Managing Partner of CMS in Bratislava. Peter Šimo is head of German Desk in Bratislava and is a member of the international transaction team. He has a track record of more than fifteen...
Jozef Čupa
Seni­or As­so­ci­ate
Slovakia, Bratislava
Jozef Čupa is a senior associate and member of the German Desk at the CMS office in Bratislava. At CMS, Jozef Čupa focuses on financial transactions, representing clients in various financing projects...
Elena Jarolímková
Seni­or As­so­ci­ate
Slovakia, Bratislava
ExpertiseElena Jarolímková is a senior associate at CMS Slovakia specialising in corporate law, real estate law, banking & finance and commercial.Previous work experience / trainingPrior to joining...
Pavel Straka
Slovakia, Bratislava
ExpertisePavel Straka is an associate specialising in banking and finance. In Slovakia, he focuses primarily on compliance, personal data protection and contract preparation. He has supported companies...