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As local and international regulations become more prescriptive and enforcement gathers pace, dealing with the evolving tax landscape in a cross-border context presents you with a significant challenge. The number and complexity of tax investigations conducted by authorities is rapidly escalating and the need for tax adjustments is rising accordingly. Our 350 tax lawyers worldwide are supported by strong technical tax intelligence teams that identify developments in tax law and policy affecting your business. This multi-disciplinary approach helps you develop robust structures that maximise tax effectiveness in alignment with your commercial strategy.  Given the cross-border nature of today's tax issues, top corporates and financial institutions seek our advice in Central and Eastern Europe, given our global tax presence and our in-depth expertise in national tax laws.

Whether you are a financial institution, multinational, fund, investor or high net worth individual, we understand your business and the tax pressures you face. Our teams work together across Central and Eastern Europe and beyond in the key areas affecting your business including VAT, international taxation, transfer pricing, e-commerce, M&A and investment funds, tax planning and financing.  Our experts can help you manage tax control cases and deal with tax authorities as well as manage tax litigation cases, including challenging tax liability decisions. The right tax advice can make a material difference to transaction costs and, in some cases, avert serious consequences.

Our tax lawyers in Ukraine have extensive experience in dealing with tax authorities and of successfully bringing cases to positive conclusion. 

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25 March 2020
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28 July 2020
Ukraine es­tab­lishes tax in­cent­ives for for­eign and loc­al film pro­du­cers
On 21 Ju­ly 2020, the Ukrain­i­an par­lia­ment ad­op­ted a law aimed at fur­ther pro­mot­ing film pro­duc­tion in Ukraine by grant­ing tax in­cent­ives to both loc­al and for­eign film pro­du­cers. The new law is a long-awaited...
03 July 2017
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Are you look­ing for in­form­a­tion on trans­fer pri­cing doc­u­ment­a­tion? This CMS Ex­pert Guide provides you with everything you need to know.
24 June 2020
Ukraine and Aus­tria sign pro­tocol modi­fy­ing their double tax treaty
On 15 June 2020, Ukraine's Min­is­ter of Fin­ance Ser­hiy Marchen­ko signed a pro­tocol modi­fy­ing the Treaty between the Gov­ern­ment of Ukraine and the Gov­ern­ment of the Re­pub­lic of Aus­tria for the Avoid­ance...
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19 April 2017
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This CMS Ex­pert Guide is an ex­cel­lent sup­port for in­ter­na­tion­al groups to man­age and se­cure their trans­fer pri­cing policy in an en­vir­on­ment where the pro­vi­sions of na­tion­al laws are far from be­ing har­mon­ised.
03 June 2020
Ukraine moves for­ward with anti-BEPS driv­en tax re­form
The Law was ad­op­ted by par­lia­ment on 16 Janu­ary 2020, but the busi­ness com­munity ex­pressed op­pos­i­tion to cer­tain pro­vi­sions of the Law even call­ing upon the Pres­id­ent to veto it. Des­pite the con­tro­versy,...
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Ukrain­i­an Trans­fer Pri­cing Frame­work World­wide need for trans­fer pri­cing
21 April 2020
Ukraine moves for­ward with uni­fied bank ac­count for re­mit­tance of taxes
On 14 April 2020, the Ukrain­i­an par­lia­ment re­approved a draft law that had been ve­toed by Ukrain­i­an Pres­id­ent Volodymyr Zelenskiy in Oc­to­ber 2019 that mod­i­fies the Tax Code of Ukraine and oth­er laws in...
CMS Guide to Tax re­gimes in Cent­ral and East­ern Europe