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Create and develop your start-up in Luxembourg

Combining its historical worldwide reputation as international financial centre, political stability, responsiveness to regulation, robust legal framework and open attitude towards innovation, Luxembourg has naturally become a hub and a gateway to Europe for start-ups and FinTech companies.

Its ecosystem brings together many incubators, public clusters, and initiatives, both public and private, active in various sectors, such as Finance and the various technological innovations surrounding it, BioHealth, and technology (e.g., AI, robotics, space, etc.). There are also numerous venture capital/private equity firms supporting the financing of start-ups at all stages of development. All these factors create the perfect environment for developing a company.

Nevertheless, starting a business remains a challenging project with a lot to know and do. Moreover, there are several legal, tax and employment issues to take into consideration to ensure the success of your business. Our firm offers you two packages to support you on all legal and tax matters: equIP and start-up initiative.

Check out the pages below to discover our services and find out which one suits you best.


As part of our Equip package, you join the international CMS programme dedicated to start-ups which have already completed fund-raising, selected by our teams in each country in which we operate and offering support over three years.

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Start-ups initiative

This initiative delivers high-quality advice to start-ups at any stage of their development, on any issue they might face. It ensures responsiveness, flexibility and cost-efficiency in order to build long-term relationships that benefit both parties.

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Helping Start-ups scale
Start-ups initiative


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