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May 2014 Newsletter


The goal of our newsletter is to keep you abreast of recent legal and tax developments in the various areas where our firm has recognised expertise.


Dear reader,

Data protection and data privacy have been in and out of the news headlines since the start of the year. Some might even argue they have never been away…

The topics were numerous. You might remember some of the cases of data theft, the warnings by law enforcement agencies in relation to phishing attempts or some highly visible corporate gaffs around data privacy policies.

One of the news items of the past week was a landmark ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union on data protection law and internet search engines (which we cover in detail in this newsletter). The result is remarkable: the start of a right to be forgotten.

Companies have to manage an escalating amount of data, in the context of clients being increasingly touchy about what data is being collected and how it is being used, and being very vocal about each, real or perceived, new breach.

No doubt, there will be more for us to report on in future newsletters. In the meanwhile, I leave you with a packed newsletter covering such areas as: Belgian agency agreements and foreign arbitration; the regionalization of the federal jurisdiction on specific leases; and a fresh look at the scope of Belgian insolvency regulation.

Wishing you an enjoyable read,

Tom Heremans


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