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Energy Transition

Our firm has signed Monaco’s National Energy Transition Pact thereby formalising its commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and undertaking to act in three main areas: mobility, waste and energy. 

•    Mobility

Our firm commits to promoting sustainable mobility solutions for the commutes between home and the office, as well as to initiating a reflection on the opportunity of teleworking.

•    Waste

Our firm undertakes to:

o    train its staff on selective waste-sorting ;
o    use green and biodegradable products for the cleaning of its premises ;
o    engage in a dematerialisation process for its documents ; and 
o    replace plastic bottles and cups with a water fountain system and re-usable bottles.

•    Energy

While its offices are already equipped with LED lights and double glazed windows, the firm commits to shutting down its electrical applicances at night and on the week-end.

Access the Press Release here.