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Dispute Resolution Monégasque lawyers

We assist private clients, investors, company directors, institutions and local or international companies during the pre-litigation and litigation phases of any disputes arising in their own lives or that of their business, field or sector.

Our team members are trained specialists who work together to respond to all our clients’ needs, whether the dispute is subject solely to Monegasque jurisdiction or to multiple jurisdictions in other countries.

Monaco attracts companies seeking to build a local or international business in some of the Principality's high-potential sectors such as finance, industry, logistics or luxury hospitality and tourism. This means that our clients’ assets tend to be dispersed across several countries and/or they have an international clientele, which can generate specific pre-litigation and litigation requirements.

On a regular basis, we:

  • Assist our private clients with matters of private international law and conflict of laws and of jurisdiction in disputes that often involve property and succession issues governed by family law and the law of persons.
  • Assist entrepreneurs and companies with matters such as debt collection, contractual or commercial disputes with businesses that either operate or own assets in Monaco, or with procedures to allow decisions of foreign courts to be executed in Monaco.
  • Assist private clients, investors and institutions with disputes that often arise when buying, selling or owning property, which are among the most common transactions in the Principality of Monaco.
  • Represent Monaco’s banks and financial management companies during pre-litigation and litigation for matters involving contractual or civil liability, proceedings before the Commission de Contrôle des Activités Financières (Financial Activities Supervisory Commission) or criminal proceedings around certain sector-specific issues such as bank secrecy, anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing and anti-corruption laws, or criminal restraint of some of their clients’ assets.
  • Act on behalf of companies, investors and institutions in all commercial law disputes involving matters such as shareholder disagreements, directors’ liability, guarantees against hidden liabilities, receivership and insolvency proceedings, individual proceedings before the judge of the Trade and Industry Register (RCI), debt collection and provisional or protective measures in the Principality of Monaco, commercial criminal law or intellectual property disputes, as well as commercial or contractual disputes involving SMEs and large corporations.
  • Represent our private clients in any disputes stemming from countries exchanging information for tax purposes and privacy and data protection rules.
  • Assist companies and institutions with disputes relating to the performance or breach of an employment contract.

Our litigation services involve a number of core activities: risk assessment, crisis management, defining a litigation strategy, amicable dispute resolution, representation in court and before arbitration tribunals and the enforcement of court and arbitration rulings.

Our teams have the technical skills and experience to support you through each step towards a swift settlement - in or out of court - that meets your objectives.

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The picture of Sandra Landais
Sandra Landais
Sandra Landais is Manager within the Private Clients team.Having practiced for ten years in Parisian law firms, Sandra specialises in family law, personal and property law, in inheritance law as well...
Géraldine Gazo
Avocat Associé | Partner
Géraldine Gazo is a lawyer, registered with the Monaco Bar, and is specialised in Private Clients.She acts for wealthy individuals (HNWI and UHNWI), as well as for various intermediaries, such as private...
The picture of Regina Griciuc
Regina Griciuc
Senior Associate
Regina Griciuc is a Senior Associate in the Private Clients team.She advises high-profile individuals (HNWI and UHNWI) and institutional clients (banks, family offices, asset managers and fiduciary...
The picture of Christine Pasquier Ciulla
Christine Pasquier Ciulla
Avocat Associé | Partner
Christine Pasquier Ciulla is a founding member of the firm and the co-head of its Private Clients practice.One of the most experienced Avocat-Défenseur in Monaco, Christine specialises in family law,...
The picture of Raphaëlle Svara
Raphaëlle Svara
Avocat Associé | Partner
Raphaëlle Svara is a Partner in the Private Clients team.She specialises in family law, private international law and estate planning, and acts for natural persons, family offices and trusts, advising...
The picture of Michael Dearden
Michaël Dearden
Middle Associate
Michael Dearden is a Middle Associate in the Banking & Finance team.His experience covers all the legal issues faced by Monegasque and foreign financial institutions (banks and asset management companies)...
The picture of Mona Guezguez
Mona Lagrange Guezguez
Middle Associate
Mona Lagrange Guezguez is a Middle Associate in the Private Clients team.She specialises in family law, inheritance law, exequatur proceedings and assists foreign residents with settling in Monaco.On...
The picture of Fiona Bonadona
Fiona Bonadonna
Fiona Bonadonna is a Manager in the Private Clients team.Experienced in civil law and criminal law, Fiona specialises in personal, family and private international law.She focuses on domestic divorce...
The picture of Justine Mounier
Justine Mounier
Justine Mounier is an Associate within the Private Clients team.Justine specialises in family law and private international law.Having practiced in a notary office in France and in a consultancy firm...
The picture of Gautier Barat
Gautier Barat
Gautier Barat is a Manager within the Banking & Finance team.He advises and assists financial institutions in all types of civil, commercial, criminal and cross-border litigation. Given his specific expertise...