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Restructuring & Collective Social Plans

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Monegasque companies face a constantly changing economic environment and must regularly adapt if they are to remain competitive.

This often involves restructuring or mergers and acquisitions.

Strategic choices like these can only be effective if every aspect of the complex labour-related issues at stake is carefully considered and well managed.

As well as requiring technical skills in corporate law, this type of restructuring also has significant implications for the workforce that can generate many underlying problems and employers must find appropriate responses to avoid disputes.

These are complex situations requiring a thorough grasp of the rules and conditions applicable in the Principality to transferring employment contracts after a merger, corporate spin-off or partial contribution of capital, or to implementing a redundancy plan.

Our labour law team regularly helps Monegasque companies implement these major projects that require a comprehensive understanding of the labour law issues at stake and the ability to react swiftly.


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