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Cross-border estates Monégasque lawyers

The Principality of Monaco is home to a concentration of wealth, linguistic diversity and more than 139 different nationalities, meaning that successions often span multiple countries and are subject to several different legal systems. This is why our law firm has developed extensive expertise in cross-border estates.

Our team is truly international, with training in foreign jurisdictions, fluency in many working languages and close contacts with legal specialists overseas. We leverage all of these assets to fulfil our commitments to our clients.

Acting in the client’s interests, our team ensures that there will be no conflict if a person leaves a will that involves foreign legal systems, while also assisting clients if disputes arise when dividing a cross-border estate. 

Inversely, we also assist clients whenever European or international legal provisions have effect in Monaco, such as the European regulation that came into force on 17 August 2015.
To simplify cross-border and international estates, this new European regulation replaced the previous system whereby laws were applied cumulatively. It aims to provide one overall framework for all cross-border estates, harmonise succession rules and most importantly allow estates to be settled faster and more efficiently.

Most of these principles have been incorporated into the new Code of Private International Law which came into force in the Principality of Monaco in July 2017.
Any client experiencing difficulties with new legislation can rely on our assistance, particularly for this new and broad-ranging Code which contains technical concepts and solutions that are the core competency of our team.

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