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Sandra Landais


Villa des Cigognes
17 rue Louis Aureglia
BP 450
98012 Monaco Cedex
Languages French, German, English

Sandra Landais is Manager within the Private Clients team.

Having practiced for ten years in Parisian law firms, Sandra specialises in family law, personal and property law, in inheritance law as well as private international law. Sandra has developed an expertise in complex litigation. She assists all types of private clients, whether they are residents in Monaco or based overseas, at every stage of their life.

Sandra joined the firm in 2016.

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  • Advanced Professional Training Certificate for French Attorneys at Law, option German Law, Franco-German Law Center, Saarland University together with the Paris Bar School (2018)
  • French Bar (2007)
  • Post Graduate Degree in Fundamental Private Law, Montpellier I University (2004)
  • Master’s Degree in Private Law, Panthéon-Assas University (2003)
  • Certificate in Legal German, Paris XII, Paris-Est-Créteil-Val-de-Marne University (2003)
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  • Member of the Association of French and German Lawyers (AJFA)
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  • Family Law - A global guide from practical law - Monaco Chapter, Thomson Reuters (2018)
  • Family Law - A global guide from practical law - Monaco Chapter, Thomson Reuters (2017)
  • Chronicle of Jurisprudence under the direction of Elodie Mulon and Jérôme Casey, Filiation, Biological expertise excluded in the case of action to establish state ownership, Gazette du Palais, Family Law (2011)
  • Chronicle of jurisprudence under the direction of Elodie Mulon and Jérôme Casey, Adoption, The limitation that personal law does not prohibit the institution of adoption is only intended to protect foreign minors, Exclusion of adults, Gazette du Palais, Family Law No 322 (2011)
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Re­cog­ni­tion of new forms of fam­ily life
In or­der to com­ply with the European Court of Hu­man Rights case law and to re­spect its in­ter­na­tion­al com­mit­ments, the Mone­g­asque le­gis­lat­or has chosen to of­fer its na­tion­als and res­id­ents forms of leg­al pro­tec­tion for fam­ily life oth­er than mar­riage. Find
26 November 2018
Chan­ging mat­ri­mo­ni­al re­gime and adding a com­munity of after-ac­quired prop­erty
Un­der Art­icles 36 et seq. of the Mone­g­asque Code of Private In­ter­na­tion­al Law, the mat­ri­mo­ni­al re­gime is gov­erned by the spouses’ chosen na­tion­al law.
21 November 2017
The forced heir­ship in Monaco and France
In Monaco, like in France, some heirs, such as the chil­dren are sub­jec­ted to a spe­cial leg­al pro­tec­tion by pro­vi­sions of in­tern­al law.
02 October 2017
A Q&A guide to fam­ily law in Monaco
Fam­ily Law Book of Thom­son Re­u­ters, 4th edi­tion
06 March 2017
Au­thor­iz­a­tion to leave the coun­try
An au­thor­iz­a­tion to leave the coun­try signed by a per­son hav­ing par­ent­al au­thor­ity has been re­in­tro­duced in France for un­ac­com­pan­ied minor, by Art­icle 49 of Law n°2016-731 dated June 3rd, 2016, re­in­for­cing the fight against or­gan­ized crime, ter­ror­ism and
05 December 2016
Di­vorce and ex­cep­tion­al com­pens­a­tion
In Monaco, the fin­an­cial con­sequences of di­vorce re­main bounded to his cause and the en­ti­tle­ment to a com­pens­at­ory lump sum (a cap­it­al grants to com­pensate the dis­par­ity due to the mar­riage break­down) de­pends on how fault is di­vided between the spouses, i