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CMS Guide to Pensions

Key issues related to pensions schemes across CMS jurisdictions worldwide

February 2018

CMS Employment Practice Area Group is pleased to present the fourth edition of the Guide to Pensions.

Our aim has been to provide an overview of the key legal requirements relating to pension provision in 34 jurisdictions covered. For clients operating cross-border or looking to expand their operations into another country, this invaluable guide not only explains the various pillars of pension provision in each country, but also explains whether mandatory contributions are required by employers, how pensions should be administered and of course, how pensions are regulated. Pension liabilities and assets are a significant aspect of any merger or acquisition. Our International Guide to Pensions provides you with the tools to carry out an initial risk assessment before taking specific legal advice. With a dedicated team of pensions specialists and offices in over 70 countries in Western, Central and Eastern Europe and beyond we can assist with the more complex aspects of pensions advice.

If you are an HR professional, an in-house counsel, have an international HR responsibility or come from a company that requires advice on employment matters, we are happy to share the Guide with you. If it encourages you to seek more detailed information, then please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will be happy to provide further advice. We have a proven track record in understanding our clients’ needs, and in delivering a professional and seamless service.

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