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Corporate Social Responsibility

The legal profession as a profession of life-long learning – “education” at the centre of our CSR activities

Education has always played a central role in a lawyer’s profession: on the one hand, because entry into the profession requires an appropriate level of school and university education and, on the other hand, because lawyers have to be constantly furthering their education, not only due to the continually changing laws, but also because working for extremely varied sectors and industries requires a great deal of specialist knowledge.

So what would make more sense than committing ourselves to education, as part of our CSR activities?

CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz is a law firm which assumes responsibility when it comes to education, training, further education and knowledge transfer. This approach is, away from our commercial goals, ideally suited to our profile and also naturally rounds off our corporate image. Not only that, but education is also a topic which our employees will, with all likelihood, support and commit to.

Our CSR activities rest on two pillars, which comprise the topics of migration and basic legal knowledge for all. These topics are highly relevant to CMS: We are an international law firm whose employees come from many different countries. Education/knowledge is the essence of our activities.

We, as a company, want to engage in this area in a long-lasting manner – not only by making financial resources available, but also through personal commitment.