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Legal Literacy Project Wien

Basic knowledge of the law, for all

In contrast to START this project (currently being implemented) is about helping individuals get their bearings within the subject of law. Basic legal knowledge gives people the chance to better know their social rights and obligations, in order to better exercise them. To be precise, the Legal Literacy Project Wien offers workshops to young people in their final years of high school on legal topics which are of particular interest to them. The standard school curriculum in Austria hardly covers the subject of law at present, and the Legal Literacy Project Wien now offers the opportunity to combat this “educational gap” by communicating basic legal knowledge. All of the LLPW’s work is done on a voluntary basis.


LLPW QUIZ powered by CMS

CMS is the exclusive partner for the first German language software application to promote basic legal knowledge. LLPW has developed, together with students from the University of Tübingen, quiz software which can be used by students after the workshops to help them retain and deepen their knowledge. The quiz app will be used throughout Austria; the target group are pupils from the 5th school year onwards. The workshops are free of charge to the pupils and around 80 VLLP members will be providing voluntary assistance.

2014, 2015

  • Financial support for the project "LLPW Jahrgang 2014/15" (LLPW year 2014/15), the education and further education of LLPW’S new lecturers for the current academic year
  • Making meeting rooms available for internal meetings and training sessions