CMS supports several organizations, initiatives and projects at both national and regional level. 

Dutch Blockchain Coalition

In 2017 CMS joined the Dutch Blockchain Coalition as a core partner, an initiative of TU (Technical University) Delft, TNO and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. CMS researches the user cases of the coalition partners with regard to the legal aspects and feasibility and has coproduced a report on smart contracts. Together with the partners blockchain applications are designed and measured against existing laws and regulations. With this we contribute to the development and use of blockchain in the Netherlands. For our clients we therefore gain relevant knowledge in order to be able to assist them with the technological developments.



CMS and TristateCity have been around the table for years, and have formalised their cooperation in 2017. TristateCity is an initiative started by Peter Savelberg, in which various parties join forces to present the Netherlands to the world. Tristate develops a new digital window for the Netherlands. Tristate is a concept that presents the Netherlands to the world as green megacity with the aim to provide the Dutch industry with a platform for export promotion.

Around 30 million people live in the TristateCity area (triangle Amsterdam/Brussels/Düsseldorf). The area has an internal trade volume of 150 billion euro and has a ranking in the top 10 of metropolitan areas. In TristateCity, the EU, NATO, United Nations and tens of multinationals are represented. The combined port complex is part of the largest and most multi-faceted of the world and Tristate can be reached through three large international airports.

CMS supports TristateCity by delivering services, so by making available hours of legal consulting. These hours will be reserved for the creation of various cooperation agreements with for example partners, suppliers and developers.