Is CMS the right fit for you?

Your World First
Our 'Your World First' philosophy is based on three key characteristics that define us: Client-centric, World vision, and Performance-driven. In short, this means that we specialise fully in our clients' industries and markets. We speak the client's language. Additionally, we have an extremely strong international position from which we operate on a daily basis. All this is with the aim of achieving the best result for our clients. Everyone contributes - every day! This philosophy forms the basis from which our employees work, and we train and support them for that purpose.

Excel and specialize
At CMS we seek the very best people. A strong substantive knowledge is of course important, but we also look at personality, motivation and drive. Other characteristics that are important at CMS include entrepreneurship, innovation, quality, flexibility and commercial focus.

Working at CMS means excelling and specialising, both locally and internationally. Daily work includes a lot of cooperation with international office colleagues within the CMS network. It is also possible to work at a CMS office abroad for a period of time via our international secondment programme. We offer you the starting point from which to broaden your ‘world vision’.