CMS is continually seeking talented people. We offer plenty of opportunities to maximise your potential and to build a successful (international) career.

Quality is a given in our market, and that is why we set the bar high and have a strict selection process.
We look not only at your knowledge, but, more importantly, at your personality, drive, and motivation. After all, we invest a lot in you when you come to work with us and therefore, we expect the same from you.

Our application process consists of two interviews. This applies across the board. Both someone from the section or department and our recruiter are involved in the first interview. At the end of the application procedure, an assessment is carried out by an external agency. Throughout the entire process, our recruiter is your point of contact for the on-going process and (potential) recruitment.

The application procedure in 5 steps:

  • Step 1: Send your CV, motivation letter and other relevant documentation (such as lists of grades and student internship reviews) to our recruitment department ([email protected]);
  • Step 2: The first interview occurs at one of our offices with the recruiter and one or two colleagues from the relevant section or department;
  • Step 3: The second interview takes place at one of our offices with two colleagues from the relevant section or department;
  • Step 4: Assessment by an external agency;
  • Step 5: If there is a match, we’ll happily present you with an offer!

Are you interested in working for us? Apply to one of our vacancies or send us an open application.

Student Internship
Are you finishing your bachelor’s degree in law? Or have you already started your master’s? Would you like to know whether a large international office is the right fit for you? Then this is a great time to do an internship!

Find out more about student internships at CMS