Our employees are our most important capital. We value our people and take good care of them in order to achieve the best results every day, and also to encourage each individual employee to further develop.

CMS Academy
Attorney, civil law notary and tax lawyers participate in the CMS Academy with a specially developed training programme consisting of both legal content and skills training. The CMS Academy includes various components that are further explained below.

CMS Core Curriculum
In addition to the training offered within CMS Netherlands, we also offer a diverse programme of skills training courses for young employees via the international CMS Academy. The Core Curriculum is one of the most important components of the CMS Academy programme. You will get to know your international colleagues, with whom you will work together on a daily basis. Through the Core Curriculum, employees become aware of the common culture that connects the CMS offices in dozens of different countries. The informal part of the programme is, however, just as important. The three-day programme is also intended to make new contacts and to have fun at one of the lovely European course locations.

The Junior Core Curriculum is aimed at lawyer trainees in the third year of their internship. During the Junior Core Curriculum, participants are trained in matters such as maintaining good contact with the client, negotiating, and time management. The possibility also exists to work abroad for a period of time at a CMS office via a secondment.

The Senior Core Curriculum is aimed at employees in their fourth or fifth year. The programme for senior employees covers the following topics, including: personal branding, pitching skills, working with cultural differences and project management.

On-demand training
In addition to face-to-face training, the CMS Academy also offers courses via the Learning Hub. Several e-learning courses and webinars are offered through this international platform. These short on-demand training courses enable everyone to learn and develop at any time.

Partner Programme
For new partners, there is a Partner Induction Programme and for more experienced partners, the Partner Peak Programme. All our new partners participate in an extensive programme, which was been developed together with the IMD Business School in Lausanne. Leadership, personal effectiveness and management skills are central to this programme.