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Current developments in ICT procurement law (in Dutch)

CMS Derks Star BusmannNewtonlaan 2033584 BH Utrecht

Past event
23 March 2010, 14:00 - 17:00 UTC +00:00

On Tuesday 23 March CMS Derks Star Busmann together with the ICT~Office will be organizing the seminar ‘Current developments in ICT procurement law’. During the seminar we will look at the ins and outs of the forthcoming new legislation on law enforcement in the case of violation of procurement law. In 2010 a new Act, known as the WIRA (Wet implementatie rechtsbeschermingsrichtlijn aanbesteden), will enter into force, providing for severe new sanctions if a government body does not, or does not properly, comply with procurement rules in purchasing products and services. These new sanctions also directly affect the suppliers who do business with the government. For example, the court may sometimes declare current contracts void or may restrict the term of contracts as it sees fit.

During the seminar we will also discuss how to be well prepared when concluding contracts with the government. Subjects to be dealt with include how you can prevent problems from arising beforehand and anticipate the new developments within European procurement law. This is particularly relevant, given the increasing juridification of ICT procurement law.

Another subject that has attracted considerable attention recently in political circles and the media is the acquisition of open source software and the use of open standards by the government. This theme also has its own set of unique problems. The seminar will outline the many developments in this area from a legal perspective.


2 pm


2.30 pm

Word of welcome by Hendrik Struik, LL.M., CMS Derks Star Busmann

2.35 pm

Ins & Outs of the WIRA (Wet implementatie rechtsbeschermingsrichtlijn aanbesteden)

Petra Heemskerk, LL.M., CMS Derks Star Busmann

The consequences of the WIRA for ICT contracts

3.05 pm

Hendrik Struik, LL.M., CMS Derks Star Busmann

3.35 pm


4 pm

Provision of information by central government: an overview

Maarten Hillenaar, LL.M., Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations

4.30 pm

The government and open source software

Peter van Schelven, LL.M., ICT~Office

5 pm


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If you would like to attend this seminar, please register using the form below (the seminar is held in Dutch). Please note, there are only a limited number of places which will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no charge for participating in the seminar.

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Portrait of Petra Heemskerk
Petra Heemskerk
Hendrik Struik