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Pension seminar ‘Defined contribution scheme: problem for the employer?’

CMS Derks Star BusmannNewtonlaan 203 in Utrecht

Past event
14 May 2009 - 00:00

On 14 May CMS Derks Star Busmann will be organizing a pension seminar entitled ‘Defined contribution scheme: problem for the employer?’, which we warmly invite you to attend.

The defined contribution scheme (officially known as a benefit agreement) is an increasingly common form of pension scheme. But alongside this increased popularity, this form of pension is being subjected to growing criticism.

For example, in this context the Dutch sometimes use the term ‘woekerpensioen’, referring to pension schemes which involve high or excessively high costs. In addition, these types of pension schemes have been particularly hard hit by all the recent economic developments.

During this pension seminar the following subjects will be discussed:
- How does the defined contribution scheme work?
- Why is this generally producing such a disappointing return at present?
- What role do the costs play in this respect? What are these costs, when are they payable, to whom are they charged and who receives the payment?
- What problems and liability and other risks does the defined contribution scheme impose on the employer?
- What can an employer do to limit these problems and risks?

These subjects will all be discussed primarily from a civil-law approach. In addition, a pensions adviser will discuss practical matters and how they can be tackled in concrete terms.

The seminar will begin at 1.30 pm at our Utrecht office and will finish at about 4.30 pm.
You may register for the seminar using the link below. We only have space for a limited number of participants, so register as soon as possible. Once you have registered we will send you confirmation and directions on how to find us.

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