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When restructuring a company, sound advice and supervision is extremely important. CMS can help you with company reorganizations, such as in the form of financial survival scenarios in volatile times, the split-up of a company into viable and non-viable units to allow it to survive, refinancing operations in difficult times and assets/liabilities transactions.

We can also assist you in the enforcement of security interests such as pledges and mortgages, security and claims under a guarantee (e.g. joint and several liability under a balance sheet guarantee through filing with the Commercial Register).

In addition, our lawyers have considerable experience in liability proceedings, for or against directors (actual or under the articles of association) or against supervisory directors of an artificial person in respect of mismanagement.

CMS advises and assists companies in restructuring and refinancing processes, both at a national and international level. We seek innovative solutions and exploit opportunities, with our restructuring lawyers working closely where necessary with lawyers in other practice areas within our firm. This allows us to provide you with the best possible, comprehensive advice.

BNR Za­kendoen over het In­ter­toys fail­lisse­ment met Marc van Zanten van...
Door felle con­cur­ren­tie van prijs­vechters en on­line spel­ers, zag de ei­gen­aar van In­ter­toys geen an­dere uit­weg dan de stek­ker uit het bedrijf trekken. Toch lijkt het af­scheid niet defin­it­ief, vi­er po­tentiële...
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