Debt rescheduling is often granted as this gives natural persons the opportunity to settle their debts once and for all. The period of debt rescheduling is three years on average, during which the administrator maintains intensive contact with the person subject to the debt rescheduling arrangement.

Debt rescheduling arrangements for which our lawyers are appointed as administrators generally concern more complex cases, often involving natural persons who own or have been running a one-man business or are a partner in a general partnership. Thanks to our broad experience in insolvency law, these debt rescheduling arrangements can be settled properly and brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

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IFLR1000, 2019
BNR Za­kendoen over het In­ter­toys fail­lisse­ment met Marc van Zanten van...
Door felle con­cur­ren­tie van prijs­vechters en on­line spel­ers, zag de ei­gen­aar van In­ter­toys geen an­dere uit­weg dan de stek­ker uit het bedrijf trekken. Toch lijkt het af­scheid niet defin­it­ief, vi­er po­tentiële ko­p­ers zouden zich hebben gemeld. We praten
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