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Bouwfonds purchases residential complexes in Rotterdam


The German Real Estate fund BERF of Bouwfonds has purchased two residential complexes in Rotterdam (Weena and Lodewijk Pincoffsweg) from Bouwinvest.

The acquisitions include a total of 213 homes, a nursery and parking lots. CMS has advised Bouwfonds on these transactions and assisted with due diligence, tax advice, drafting and negotiating agreements, rent issues and notarial settlements.

A team of employees from the CMS Practice Group Real Estate & Construction led by Hein van der Meer advised Bouwfonds: Jasper Kampherbeek, Mariëlle de Blok, Stephanie Versteegen, Etienne Cox, Annalie Draisma, Susanne van der Linden, Annemarie Koppert, Jan van Vulpen and Tristan Schonis.

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Picture of Hein van Meer
Hein van der Meer
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Jasper Kampherbeek
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Marielle de Blok
Deputy civil law notary
Picture of Etienne Cox
Etienne Cox
Tax Lawyer
Jan van Vulpen, van
Picture of Tristan Schonis
Tristan Schonis
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