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CMS advised Altran on the acquisition of TASS


CMS advised Altran, a global leader in IT consulting and staffing, listed at the Paris stock-exchange, on the acquisition of 100 % of TASS.

TASS, with 230 employees operating in the Netherlands and Belgium, provides consulting and staffing services in the area of embedded and technical software for clients including ASML, Philips and TomTom.

Pieter van Duijvenvoorde led the team that consisted of Herman van Aerts, Rogier de Vrey, Tjeerd Hoekstra, Paulus van den Bos, Annemarie de Best, Wouter Seinen, Denise Achenbach, Robbert van Brakel, Frank Verlaan, Sharon Kok en Kes van Meurs (CMS Netherlands) and Carl Leermakers, Virginie Fremat, Pieter Hendrix and Pieter Dieltjes (CMS Belgium).

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