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CMS advises Aedes Real Estate on the development and operation of Soho House Amsterdam


CMS has advised Aedes Real Estate ("Aedes") on several agreements with Soho House for the purpose of the exploitation and development of a Soho House in Amsterdam.

The opening of the Soho House Amsterdam is scheduled for 2017. Soho House Amsterdam has 73 rooms and 6 suites and further comprises a club, gym, a screening room (small movie theatre) and a restaurant. Soho House Amsterdam will be located in the Bungehuis in the Spuistraat (in the center of Amsterdam) and will be a luxury "lifestyle" hotel / club.

Soho House was founded in London in 1995 as a private members' club for film, media and other creative industries. Soho House has clubs in London, New York, Berlin, Chicago and Miami.

Aedes operates nationwide in the Netherlands as an independent property developer. Aedes is engaged in the development of offices, shops and hotels and redeveloping complex urban locations.

The CMS team was headed by Roman Tarlavski and further comprised Arnout Scholten, Priamo Boi, Abbas Ali Hyder, Martijn van der Bie and Gordon Tichelaar.

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