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CMS advises Kroymans Financial Services on its disposal of J&T Autolease and DirectLease


CMS has advised Kroymans Financial Services on the disposal of all its shares in the capital of International Car Lease Holding and its subsidiaries J&T Autolease and DirectLease to the Mandemakers Group and Van Mossel.

J&T Autolease and DirectLease manage together 20,000 car lease contracts.

Mandemakers Group and Van Mossel incorporated a joint-venture, in which each of them holds fifty percent of the shares. The joint-venture shall merge the acquired car lease activities and the car lease activities of Van Mossel Lease Holding. It will continue to operate the three different brands: Van Mossel Leasing, J&T Autolease and DirectLease. The joint-venture has a car park of 30,000 cars. The new group will be the largest privately owned lease company in the Netherlands according to Eric Berkhof, director and major shareholder of Van Mossel Group.

Mandemakers Groep is the owner of various retail chains such as Brugman Keukens & Badkamers, KeukenConcurrent, Riant-Stoutenbeek and Piet Klerkx. Dealerholding Van Mossel Group is the largest Audi and Volkswagen dealer in the southern part of the Netherlands and has branches in Waalwijk, Tilburg, Hapert, Valkenswaard and Oisterwijk.

The CMS team was headed by Roman Tarlavski and further comprised Arne van Bijnen, Martijn van der Bie, Pauline Toet, Damia van Laarhoven (all Corporate) and Roderick Nieuwmeyer (Competition).

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