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CMS assists Province of Utrecht with incorporating Ontwikkelijksmaatschappij Utrecht


The Province of Utrecht intends to modernise and/or redevelop obsolete industrial estates. The federal government will be subsidising the project and the Province will operate a public limited company (NV) to carry out its plans.

CMS has assisted the Province with the risk analysis regarding this development company (ontwikkelingsmaatschappij), including with regard to the state aid and tendering issues, as well as with preparing the company's draft articles of association. On 2 March 2011, the Provincial Executive decided to incorporate the company based on CMS's advice.

After the company is incorporated, CMS will be involved in the work performed by Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Utrecht ("OMU"), which will attempt to achieve its goals through public-private partnerships ("PPPs"). One of the intentions is to have Chinese investors join OMU in participating in the relevant developments. CMS is maintaining contact with these investors through Jurjen Groot of CMS's office in Shanghai.

Hein van der Meer led the work on the project, with contributions from Steven van Voorst, Allard Knook, Martijn van der Bie and Petra Heemskerk.

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