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CMS assists with transaction Datacenter Amsterdam


CMS has assisted Borghese Real Estate with the sale of the company in which they had developed a Datacenter of 13.750 m2, which is leased to TelecityGroup from London for a period of 20 years.

By a so-called "carve out" the company was cleaned of potential claims from previous projects, soil and liabilities, after that only the Datacenter remained, which was subsequently sold to an investor on 26 March without transfer tax.

The building houses the data traffic of the KLM online booking center. The buyer is a fund initiated by Evans Randall, also from London. Evans Randall is also the initiator of the fund that acquired the building "The Rock" at the Zuidas.

The Datacenter was the last major project of Borghese on the plot at the Schepenbergweg in Amsterdam South-East (along the A2), at which also a Porsche establishment and a PDV center with amongst others Gamma, Quantum and Leen Bakker have been developed. The acquisition in 2006 and all developments and sales processes were successfully supported by CMS.

The following CMS lawyers were involved in the Datacenter transaction: Hein van der Meer, Herman van Aerts and Jasper Kampherbeek.

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