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CMS Derks Star Busmann strengthens CMS in China


From 1 January 2009, CMS's international office in Shanghai will be strengthened from the Netherlands. Jurjen Groot, a lawyer of CMS Derks Star Busmann in the Corporate Finance practice group, will work in Shanghai as from that date. As Shanghai is one of the most important cities in the present global economy, CMS has been operating in China for 25 years in order to make China's potential also available for our European clients. The CMS office in Shanghai now has 34 experienced lawyers; 25 Chinese and 9 European lawyers. CMS also has offices in Beijing and Hongkong.

CMS Derks Star Busmann China Desk
In order to serve its Dutch clients in China in the best possible way, CMS Derks Star Busmann earlier started a China Desk in the Netherlands, manned by Dutch and Chinese lawyers. The presence of a Dutch lawyer in the international CMS office in Shanghai allows us to serve our Dutch clients even better and faster in the Chinese market.

Mr Groot will be the direct contact person for clients interested in China and Chinese clients that are interested in the Netherlands. In China, he will mainly focus on:
- start-up/structuring of operations in China
- joint-ventures and partnerships
- investments
- commercial contracts
- intellectual property

CMS alliance in China
The international CMS alliance offers integrated services throughout China to its European and Chinese clients. CMS also assists Chinese companies in their (planned) operations and investments in Europe.

Additional information on CMS Derks Star Busmann and the China Desk can be found on our special web page.

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