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CMS have contributed to the PropertyNL Tax Special 2011

The tax reference work for anyone taking decisions relating to Dutch real estate


Willie Ambergen and Joost van Zanten of CMS Derks Star Busmann have contributed to the PropertyNL Tax Special 2011.

This guide provides the reader with information about all the tax issues connected with real estate and illustrates just how rapid and comprehensive the tax-related developments in the real estate industry really are. To the extent possible, the tax implications are described in terms of the life cycle of the real estate.

This information is relevant to everyone who has anything to do with real estate, including institutional and private investors, entrepreneurs, estate agents, tenants, project developers and contractors, but also for building societies and real estate lecturers and their students. This PropertyNL Tax Special will be a reliable source of information for anyone interested in real estate.

The special may be ordered from the PropertyNL website.

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