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CMS publishes Guide to Arbitration


CMS has published the third edition of the CMS Guide to Arbitration for the Dutch and International arbitration sector. This Guide by CMS Derks Star Busmann provides the Dutch business sector with guidelines on how to solve arbitration cases in a time and cost-efficient way.

The 1000-page guide gives a detailed overview of national arbitration laws in 30 jurisdictions in Europe, China, the Middle East and South America. The guide was officially presented on 6 April 2009 at the British Embassy in Vienna.

Mark Ziekman, one of the authors of the guide, says: 'All the themes about Dutch and foreign arbitration law are dealt with. From the start of arbitration to making an arbitration award. It is precisely in the present economic climate that more and more businesses are inclined to turn to arbitration. Arbitration can offer many advantages compared to court proceedings. Think, for example, of flexibility in international cases, but also the limited time needed to obtain an arbitration award. Everything about what arbitration can offer, for whom and through which organizations, is described in this Guide."

The Guide can be viewed on: www.cms-arbitration.com.

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