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Global Guide to Whistleblowing Programs


The World Law Group (WLG) has published the first edition of the WLG Global Guide to Whistleblowing Programs. IP/TMT lawyers Wouter Seinen and Silvia van Schaik of CMS Derks Star Busmann have contributed to this publication.

More and more international companies are required to establish 'tip lines' that enable whistleblowers to report abuses. Particularly since the introduction of anti-corruption laws in the U.S. (FCPA) and the UK (Bribary Act) the need for international whistleblowing schemes is increased.

Companies acting in a global environment with subsidiaries and businesses across a large number of jurisdictions face a daunting task: establishing compliance guidelines and whistleblowing reporting schemes that are both effective and consistent across the entire organization and which, at the same time, observe applicable data protection, privacy and labour laws in many countries.

The aim of this publication is to make the understanding and the execution of that process easier. The goal, accordingly, was to facilitate a framework for analyzing and constructing multinational or global whistleblowing programs, with an eye towards consistency and adherence to local law.

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