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Cool Cat Fashion B.V.

Through judgments of the Midden-Nederland District Court of 19 March 2019, the private limited companies Cool Cat Fashion B.V. (Chamber of Commerce number 30097249), Cool Cat Nederland B.V. (Chamber of Commerce number 30070122) and Career Woman B.V. (Chamber of Commerce number 30171794), all three having their corporate seat in Houten, the Netherlands, and their principal place of business at Hoofdveste 10 in (3992 DG) Houten, have been declared bankrupt. Ms C.J. Hofman was appointed as supervisory judge and Mr D.J. Bos was appointed as bankruptcy trustee.

The first public report is expected to be published around 19 April, 2019. This report will discuss the findings of the bankruptcy trustee and the activities that the bankruptcy trustee has performed in the context of the settlement of the bankruptcies.

The bankruptcy trustee points out to the creditors and other interested parties the possibility to subscribe to the free CMS Electronic Alert Service. Subscribers automatically receive an e-mail when new information about the developments in the bankruptcies of Cool Cat Fashion B.V., Cool Cat Nederland B.V. and Career Woman B.V. is published. You can sign up for this service via the "Subscribe" button.

The bankruptcy trustee also points out that creditors can submit their claim digitally via this website. Claims can be submitted by means of the “Submit claim” button below.