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CMS and DIE ZEIT Event in Davos - Interview: Christian Sewing, Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Bank AG



CMS, together with one of Germany’s leading weekly newspapers, DIE ZEIT, hosted an exclusive reception on 23 January 2019 in Davos. At this reception Christian Sewing (CEO of Deutsche Bank AG) spoke about business challenges and the importance of trust and transparency during a one-on-one discussion.

Christian Sewing recounted what he first thought when he heard about the money laundering scandal at Danske Bank. "It's disappointing, not personally for me – but you have 92,000 people who are working every day to restructure Deutsche Bank. We got the feedback from regulators that our controls have improved. And if you have this kind of incident then, you’re disappointed", Sewing said. Asked about his reaction to the accusations, Sewing went on to say that "this is what you have to deal with, what leadership is all about. You collect yourself. You cooperate with the prosecutors. We think that there is no wrongdoing on our side".

Length: 24:59 minutes

Source: CMS

Type: Conference recording

Language: English

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