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Internal investigations in HR cases – best practices in the Netherlands



It’s Sunday afternoon and you have just looked at your company email. An anonymous person has sent you information that your star sales manager is stealing money from the company, has harassed other employees, and has probably passed proprietary information to the competitor… Is that true? How do you get to the bottom of this? What should you do? Internal threats can cause as much damage as those from the outside. But a quick and good reaction can help your organisation mitigate the bad effects.

CMS experts Katja van Kranenburg and Fleur van Assendelft de Coningh will tell you how to run internal investigations in the Netherlands and provide answers to these questions: What are the do’s and don’ts? What are the best practices? What recent developments are there?

Length: 39:50 minutes

Source: CMS

Type: Webinar recording

Language: English

Size:  27.4 MB


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