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Update SDE+ 2019 autumn round


A few weeks ago we have informed you on the results of the SDE+ 2019 spring round and indicated to keep you updated with regard to the SDE+ 2019 autumn round. In the meantime concrete figures relating to this subsidy round have been published.For the 2019 autumn round a total budget of EUR 5 billion has been made available. The RVO received 7,525 subsidy applications (whereas 5,376 applications were received in the 2019 spring round) for a total budget claim of EUR 9.06 billion. Solar is by far the largest source, as has been the case in the past years, with 7,251 project applications. During the first application phase (up to EUR 0.09 / kWh) mainly applications for onshore wind have been submitted. The second phase (up to EUR 0.11 / kWh) consisted mainly of applications for solar PV projects submitted its application. Below you will find an overview of the applications for the different energy sources.

CategoryNo. of applicationsBudget claim (in millions)Capacity (in MW)
Biomass gas91,023179
Biomass heat / TES52927317
Solar Thermal845983


For the 2019 autumn application round an additional obligation has been introduced. Due to the current capacity shortage on the Dutch grid, as of 1 October 2019 applicants for SDE+ subsidy are obliged to include in their application a statement from the grid operator regarding the capacity available on the grid at the envisaged project location. The grid operator shall issue a negative statement, if capacity shortage is (or soon will be) experienced on the grid at the envisaged project location and it is foreseeable that this problem will not be solved before expiry of the term for realizing the project. In all other situations the grid operator shall issue a positive statement. Please be advised however, that such statement is not a guarantee that there will be capacity available for the envisaged project. In the context of the 2019 autumn round in total 9,167 positive statements have been issued by the relevant grid operators, amounting to 89% of the total requests submitted to the grid operators. The remaining 11% did not receive a positive statement due to capacity shortage on the grid at the envisaged project location. Remarkable is that a considerable number of projects that received a positive statement did not actually apply for subsidy. The reason for this is not clear and the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has announced that he will explore the reason behind this.The results on the SDE+ 2019 autumn round are expected mid-February 2020, on which we will keep you updated.



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Marcellina Rietvelt
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