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Unfair Competition Lawyers

We have extensive experience in preventive counseling in matters related to Consumer Protection and Unfair Competition, and in representing our clients before the different bodies of the National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Intellectual Property –INDECOPI- that regulate matters dealing with Consumer Protection and Unfair Competition. We provide advisory services in court actions or when requested, before the Operative Bodies, Commissions and Court Chambers of INDECOPI. 

Our experience expands various sectors as are food, air transport, automotive, telecommunications, banking, logistics, and retail industries, among others, reason why our advising focuses on the needs of the specific business of our clients and in maintaining their strategic leadership. 

We participate during the preparation of provisions and directives in matters regarding Consumer Protection and Unfair Competition. Also, we have participated in proceedings before INDECOPI in which mandatory compliance precedents have been established.

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