Constitutional Lawyers

The recent situation has shown the importance of defending the Constitution and, specially, of constitutional rights faced with constitutional violations coming from not only the private sector, but also from the State. In this context, having access to constitutional justice is paramount.

Taking this into consideration, the Conflict Prevention and Solution Area is equipped with a team that is highly specialized in constitutional controversies. Our advice includes the design of timely and efficient strategies to safeguard the fundamental rights, by providing representation in amparo proceedings, habeas corpus, and habeas data.

Our experience at the same time includes representation in constitutional processes for the defense of the Constitution: constitutionality actions and class actions, aimed at exonerating our clients from regulations that go against their constitutional rights.

The experience of the CMS Grau team combines with the academic training of its members, who have postgraduate specialization in Constitutional Law. It needs to be mentioned that Ramón Huapaya, who was considered amicus curiae in the last Supreme Jurisdictional Plenary Session in Administrative and Constitutional Litigation Matters, is a member of this team.


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