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Nowadays artificial intelligence or internet of things (IOT) has become a reality. Technology today allows us to have intelligent homes by means of automated heating, ventilation and cooling systems that are self-controlled, intelligent clothing to improve the quality of life of people, drones that make it possible to eliminate human participation in risky activities, self-driving vehicles.

Technology develops so quickly that the law is not able to stay current. The Internet of Things poses legal questions that are not entirely covered by the current regulation, situations that generate consequences that must be resolved from the legal perspective.

In this sense, the Internet of Things presents legal challenges as are: guarantee the security and privacy of information, the civil responsibility stemming from the use of intelligent machines, the right to competition, among others.

In order to face this reality, in CMS GRAU we have a team of specialists that can provide you with advice in this field. 

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Cecilia Kahn
Cecilia Kahn
Peru, Lima
Cecilia Kahn specializes in regulatory and corporate law, with orientation to telecommunications and technology, including venture capital, fintech and information security.She has over 5 years of experience...