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The development of technology has promoted the emergence of IT law, whose purpose is the study of the interaction that arises between the fields of law and technology, and provides the regulatory framework and good practices for the treatment and management of information in the digital environment, as well as the exploitation of IT products and services.

In this field we seek to guide the client to carry out transactions involving information technologies in a way that can maximize their economic benefit with a risk management approach.

Our services cover the following: 

  • Advice during the negotiation, preparation, implementation and execution of IT contracts.
  • Advice for the registration and resolution of conflicts related to the contracting of IT products and services.
  • Advice for the implementation of digital signature platforms.
  • Advice for the registration and resolution of conflicts related to domain names.
  • Advice in Digital Compliance, aimed at supporting the digital transformation process of the company, based on a risk management methodology and continuous compliance with its obligations.
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Cecilia Kahn
Cecilia Kahn
Peru, Lima
Cecilia Kahn specializes in regulatory and corporate law, with orientation to telecommunications and technology, including venture capital, fintech and information security.She has over 5 years of experience...