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In a society where every passing day the internet turns into a space of interaction in all aspects of daily life, online games have become very successful, and for these to operate, there is a need of cooperation between the authors, producers, coders, editors and distributors, and a solid legal environment that allows them to satisfy their business needs.

In that regard, online games and sports require copyright, use and distribution agreements, personal data protection and civil responsibility.

Our services in this field include the counseling to developers, producers and distributors all along the process, and from the inception of the idea of an online game, as well as the implementation, distribution, publicity in the game and in the sale of virtual items.

Among the services we offer are: 

  • Advice to authors and editors on intellectual property issues.
  • Terms and conditions, terms of use, personal data protection and cookie policies
  • Review of games regarding child protection
  • Review online platforms regarding consumer protection and review monetization options such as in-game advertising and in-game sales
  • Defense on civil liability legal proceedings.
  • Creating and structuring of online leagues for e-sports
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Cecilia Kahn
Cecilia Kahn
Peru, Lima
Cecilia Kahn specializes in regulatory and corporate law, with orientation to telecommunications and technology, including venture capital, fintech and information security.She has over 5 years of experience...