Personal Data Protection Lawyers

We provide personal data protection advice as an integral service for our clients to comply satisfactorily with the regulatory framework.
Our services include, among others, the following:

Auditing and adaptation to the Personal Data Protection Law:

With the frenetic advance of technology there are now mayor ways or mechanisms that have made privacy or the confidentiality of information vulnerable; something that has generated a phenomenon across the world where normative instruments are being issued in order to protect personal information.

With the signing of Law 29733, the Personal Data Protection Law, and its regulations, approved by Supreme Decree 003-2013-JUS, Peru enters a new period regarding the protection of the fundamental right to the protection of personal data, with the incorporation of a set of standards to guarantee they are being met, as well as the protection from the Administration.

Similar to what has taken place in other countries where this type of regulation is now in place, with its enactment, citizens, companies and public entities must become aware of the need to implement measures that guarantee the fundamental right of people to the protection and control of their personal data or information.

Our services in this area encompass the following, among others:

  • Registration of Personal Data Banks and Codes of Conduct with the Personal Data Protection Authority.
  • Legal, organizational and technical adaptation to the Personal Data Protection Law.
  • Compliance with the duty of information and consent in all business processes that require it.
  • Implementation of procedures for the exercise of ARCO rights.
  • Advice for compliance with legal requirements in assignment contracts and processing under contract.
  • Implementation of Information Security Policies.
  • Advising on monitoring and disciplinary procedures for non-compliance with personal data protection regulations.
  • In-classroom training on the scope of the personal data protection regulations.

E-learning for companies:

CMS Grauoffers a virtual training course, directed at employees of private-sector companies, which will allow them to comply with one of the main obligations of companies in the area of privacy, as is to generate awareness in personnel regarding the Personal Data Protection Law, and as a result, contribute to its better compliance.

The goal of this service is to satisfy the need of the business sector to provide training to their workforce regarding the scope of Law N° 29733 – Personal Data Protection Law and its Regulations approved by Supreme Decree N° 003-2013-JUS.

This is a training course that follows the regulatory framework and in a common and easy to understand language, provided by using the most innovative virtual training tools that allow evaluating the learning level of the users.


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